Lamarck Darwin Heackler



Welcome to my website, containing a number of essays which take an alternative, often dissident view of evolution theory.

Four biographical essays on famous 19th century evolutionists can be accessed on this page.

 Several other essays including the one that got me started as an obsessive evolutionist in 1993, an allegorical Fairy Story, a book review, a Lamarckian interpretation of Aquatic Ape Theory,  two 2009 essays concerning Darwin’s influences, and  the transcript of a 2010 talk for Elizabeth Gaskell’s Bicentenary celebrations can all be found  in the Essays section.

An extract from my 1996 book, “The Alternative Life”, is featured in Publications.  Additionally, there is a  collection of Letters to the Editor that I have submitted to newspapers and magazines over some years, and a mini autobiography.

Please contact me to discuss any of my writings and views.

Portraits by Anne Hutchison, whose work can also be found on annehutchisonart.com